Straw: Pitting with a straw (Subway straws are best) is economical, relatively clean and efficient.

There are a number of different tools available for pitting cherries. Regardless of tool or method, it is important to cool your cherries before pitting. The firmer the cherry, the less mess and easier the pitting. Remove about five pounds (1/2 pail) from the refrigerator or cooler at a time for pitting. Put them in a strainer and rinse them off. You will need two containers; one for pits and one for pitted cherries.



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Grab a handful of cherries and with thumb and index finger, work the cherry so stem side is showing. Push straw into the hole where stem was and the pit will emerge on the opposite side into container for pits.

With the cherry still on the straw, slide the straw across the top of the other container so cherry falls in. At the same time, work another cherry into position for pitting. Once you figure out the system, it works fast.

Plunger: There are various plunger type pitters with hoppers. We found the Cherry Stoner by Villa Ware (Fleet Farm carries them) is reliable and fast. Cost is about $20.00

Push Button: The push button variety that attaches top a Mason jar is available in markets and roadside stands throughout Door County during the cherry season. This pitter is slow and not very reliable. Cost is about $10.00