Just two blocks off the busy highway, we provide a memorable PYO experience in a quiet, secluded, safe environment for the whole family.

Tart Cherries:
PYO begins in mid July and runs to mid August. Start dates vary from year to year, so
call for up-to-date information!

(920) 856-6864

Pre-Picked: We will pick your cherries for you if you call in advance and place an order. Name and phone number must accompany order. A full cherry pail weighs about 9 pounds.

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Things to Know for PYO

Dogs: Generally, we prefer not to have dogs in the orchard. However, we do acknowledge extenuating circumstances. Therefore, those with dogs are allowed to pick in a designated area and must pick up after their dogs.


Parking: Adequate parking is available. Signage will direct you to designated parking areas.


Handicap & Elderly: With approval and specific directions, we allow driving in the orchard for the handicap, elderly, and those picking large volumes of cherries.

Things to Bring



 Picnic Blanket (lunch)

 Bug Spray

 Sun Screen

 Containers/Cooler (to transport cherries home)

 Ice (some prefer ice to cold water for transport)

 Money (we do not accept credit/bank cards)

 Salmon-Walleye-Blue Gill-etc...(we trade cherries for fish!)

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